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    Hi-Macs® is the registered global trade name denominate of a notable group of an eco-friendly acrylic trusty surface tangible, manufactured not later than LG Hausys Korea’s largest structure and decorative materials company. Backed alongside the reputation of LG Collection and exclusive fib and establishment only alongside height rank certified fabricators such as in the UK, Hi-Macs firm materialize worktops bragging unrivalled quality.
    Composed of about 66% usual minerals, blended with 34% acrylic polymer resins, Hi-Macs worktops have the anyhow magnificent appearance as granite and marble, but because of its sui generis reconstitution, has regular greater force, resilience, elasticity, ability to recover and durability than any spontaneous stone.

    How do they make Hi-Macs chock-a-block exterior worktops?
    [url=]da solid side[/url]

    The process starts in the envision lab where pigmentation pigments, natural minerals and acrylic polymer resins are selected and tested repayment for show and quality.

    In the mod plant, with cutting-edge technology, the unstudied minerals are pulverised and are blended with the colour pigments and acrylic polymer resins. Then, in a noteworthy thermal and compression manage in a vacuum, are reconstituted as a concentrated chunk emulating finish position marble or granite, except the end result is better. Hi-Macs is stronger, more resilient, more resistant to stains and scratches and longer permanent than the natural stone from which it is ìåéä, and as a honorarium it can be thermoformed, shaped, engraved, moulded and joined virtually seamlessly.

    How does an Hi-Macs worktop distinct from a Routine Stone worktop?

    Like all the highest quality solid outside worktops, Hi-Macs is an improvement on the fundamental stone from which it is manufactured. The manufacturing and fabricating processes drop all the fissures, cracks and pores organize in bastard stone. As a result, Hi-Macs a in reality forceful, impassable integument with the highest parallel of cleanliness, defences underground to stains, knocks and durability.

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